Terms of Service for PrintCharming.com

Important Notice: This is a Binding Contract

By using PrintCharming.com, you agree to the following terms, which are binding and remain in effect regardless of whether they are read or understood before placing an order. Both clients and Print Charming must adhere to these terms.

Order Submission

Please provide complete and timely information about your order (size, colors, copy, design specifications) to facilitate efficient processing. Delays in providing this information may lead to order delays. Our turnaround and shipping times are estimates, not guarantees, and delays beyond these estimates do not entitle clients to compensation. Rush service fees are refundable only; printing costs are non-refundable once production begins.

Order Processing and Communication

Print Charming processes a large volume of orders using an automated system. Clients will receive email updates but not phone calls. Ensure printcharming.com is not marked as spam to receive these updates. Clients can also check their order status online. Print Charming is not responsible for issues arising from clients not checking their email updates.

Cancellation and Refunds

Orders cannot be canceled or refunded once they have begun the printing process. Shipping costs can be refunded if the job has been plated but not printed.

Proofing and Design Responsibility

Clients are responsible for proofing designs created by Print Charming. Written approval is required before printing. Print Charming is not liable for errors in client-submitted or uncorrected proofs. Design fees are non-refundable. Print Charming retains copyright on all designs, and unauthorized reproduction may lead to legal action. Fees for external printing of our designs are at our discretion. Changes to designs incur additional charges.

Production Process and Quality

Delays may occur due to technical issues, and Print Charming will strive to minimize their impact. Our "gang run" printing may result in up to 15% variation in color and brightness. We do not guarantee color matching or image quality, especially for professional imaging needs.

File Submission and Printing

Print Charming prints files as submitted. We are not responsible for poor quality resulting from low-resolution or incorrectly formatted files. It's crucial to follow our file guidelines to avoid issues.

Customer Assistance and Satisfaction

We're here to help before orders go into production. If you're dissatisfied with the print or cutting quality, contact us for possible resolutions. However, we require a 3"-5" sample of the issue, returned to us at your expense, for any potential refunds or credits.

Delivery and Shipping

Delivery times are not guaranteed. Missed deadlines do not qualify for refunds. Shipping methods are chosen at order placement, and signature requirements are at the carrier's discretion. Print Charming is not responsible for missed deliveries or additional shipping costs for returned shipments.

Air Cargo Services

For air cargo, the client must specify the airport. Proper ID and airway bill number are required for package retrieval. Failure to pick up does not nullify the order, and Print Charming is not liable for storage fees or airport policies.

Liability and Claims

Print Charming is not responsible for lost or damaged shipments. Claims must be made with the carrier.

Order Quantity

Expect a 10% variance in order quantity. Exact counts are not guaranteed.

Cancellation Fees and Refunds

A 15% administrative fee applies to canceled orders. Refunds or in-house credits (excluding design fees) are processed within 14 business days, but may take longer to appear on credit statements. Requests over 60 days old may be issued via check.

Intellectual Property Rights

By using PrintCharming.com, you confirm you have the rights to all materials used in your print job and respect copyright laws. You also agree to indemnify PrintCharming.com against any third-party claims related to your project.

By accepting these terms, you acknowledge your understanding and agreement to all the conditions stated above.